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  • Easter Traditions

    Easter Traditions

    Celebrating Easter comes with all the hype and hoopla of candy and craze! Pumped up on sugary sweets it’s not how I like to celebrate Easter. Besides, that’s not what Easter is all about. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate some fun and possibly start some traditions with your family that don’t necessarily…

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  • Art Party

    Art Party

    It’s been raining around these parts, and in no way do we hate it… we need it!  But that hinders our opportunity for an outdoor birthday party.  So we opted for an indoor art party.  Equipped with rainy day activities and fun, this day was a blast celebrating and creating. The main activity table –…

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  • Woodland Fairy Party

    Woodland Fairy Party

    Long ago, (well 2 years but it seems like a while!) I did a Woodland Fairy themed birthday for my little one’s first birthday.  Complete with fairy wings and homemade crown headbands for the little fairy princesses who came to celebrate.  Here are some photos I hope will inspire you in decorating for your little…

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  • Monster Beach Bash

    Monster Beach Bash

    I LOVE throwing birthday parties.  I have so much fun decorating and making sure every little detail is taken care of to ensure a fun gathering of friends and family.  My middle child’s birthday usually has nice sunny weather, so it’s almost become a tradition to throw his party at the beach cottage. I don’t…

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  • Joyful Fun

    Joyful Fun

    For well over a decade I’ve cared for children. I’ve been a Sitter, Nanny, Preschool Teacher, Sunday School Teacher, After-school educator, and most importantly, a Mommy. Over this vast time with many children all from a range of backgrounds and upbringing, I’ve learned it doesn’t take a whole lot of fancy, expensive toys to keep…

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  • Fun Educational Apps for School-Aged Children

    Fun Educational Apps for School-Aged Children

    Here are a few of the fun apps we have used our Homeschool years of Preschool, Kindergarten, First and Second grade. They are fun, engaging and best of all (for Momma) they’re EDUCATIONAL!!! Hooray!!! Some of these are FREE – another plus. A few of them fall between the $0.99 – $4.99 range but worth every…

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  • Anything but Sandwiches… kid-tested, mom-approved

    Anything but Sandwiches… kid-tested, mom-approved

    Unfortunately for me, my kiddos aren’t really into sandwiches (yay, they make it so easy, right ?!?!?) So I’ll post a few lunches that are “kid approved.” Here are some examples of non-sandwich lunches that I’ve been given the “thumbs up” of approval on. Note:  Many of these can be made in bulk and frozen…

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  • Healthy snacks for Tots on the go!

    Healthy snacks for Tots on the go!

    We’ve all been there, a list of errands a mile long and a hungry, whiney toddler melting down because they want a box of cookies they saw on Aisle 3.  Before you cave into grabbing that expensive, high-sodium, sugary “convenient” food, try a hand at this.  As parents, we all know we’re much better off…

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