Healthy snacks for Tots on the go!

We’ve all been there, a list of errands a mile long and a hungry, whiney toddler melting down because they want a box of cookies they saw on Aisle 3.  Before you cave into grabbing that expensive, high-sodium, sugary “convenient” food, try a hand at this.  As parents, we all know we’re much better off “being safe than being sorry.”  In this case, all it takes is a little preparation to have healthy snacks readily at hand.  Here are a few ideas to beat those hunger meltdowns for Tots on the go!


Chocolate pudd’n pouch, Cheddar bunnies, ranch turkey roll-ups, sliced cherry tomatoes, a peeled mandarin orange and 100% juice


Pretzels with hummus, hard-boiled eggs, sliced cherry tomatoes, organic animal cookies and red grapes


Bunny graham cookies, fruit snacks, juice box, baby carrot sticks, and strawberry puffs.


Animal crackers, steamed broccoli, peeled mandarin orange, cooked dino nuggets and milk


Cheddar bunnies crackers, strawberry puffs, cucumbers and pretzels to dip in hummus and a pureed fruit and veggie pouch.


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