Back In Black

Most nights (well, technically mornings since it’s 1:00am) I set out outfits for all 3 kiddos, and try to get around to figure out what the heck I’m going to wear.  Many unsuccessful attempts at piecing things together, multiple try-ons and it’s already 2:00am and I’m outfit-less and exhausted.  So, many typical mornings I end up just throwing whatever I can find that looks somewhat decent, and oddly enough I always get told “you look so put together.”  Thank you, kind stranger for those words of encouragement!  So, here’s a typical throw-it-together outfit.  Black, of course since it’s post-holidays and I totally stuffed my face with the multiple feasts and black is slimming, and leggings, because well, you get the idea…

Here, I pieced together a black “body-con” dress to give more definition to the curves I want to show off and to hide the areas I’d like to conceal i.e. the mid-section.  I paired it with a comfy pair of black and gold colored chevron leggings and topped off the look with a fun turban headband.  I threw on some comfy black boots and off I go.

What’s a “go-to” outfit for you?


2 responses to “Back In Black”

  1. Leggings are a fashion must for me! I think that you can put anything with a nice pair of leggings and some boots and look put together! As a fellow mommy I unserstand your post, maybe a little more than I am willing to admit! More often than not my kids look flawless and I look…tired. However, throw some leggings and cute boots on and you have officially gone from tired mom too cute mom!


    • @hippiehousecat – aren’t leggings wonderful?!?! They sure are a staple for me. I agree, a cute pair of boots and a long, loose top with leggings and bam, you’re done! And I totally agree… my kids always look well put together, and I seem to forget myself. I try to make it a point to put together an outfit the night before for myself after I’ve done so for the kids so that I too reflect positively. Thanks for your comment!

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