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  • Sugar Skull Skirt and Fedora

    I’m not yet in the mood for full-on Spring florals.  So, in the meantime, I’ll be sporting a breezy skirt and blocking the sun in a much more subtle color palette.  Here’s my hi-low sugar skull print skirt with an easy black tank and light straw fedora.

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  • Comfy Cargos and Vintage Jewels

    It’s been warm the past few days, so why not go barefoot through the grass and soak up the sun?  Nothing says easy but still put together like a pair of skinny cargos.  They have all the structure needed to look like you made some effort, but are still comfy enough to run around with […]

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  • Stripes, leopard and cobalt… Oh, my!

    Spring is going to feature beautiful jewel tones.  I’m super excited to see great colors like cobalt blue popping up and my love for leopard and stripes will never cease! Another part of me is really loving the use of pleats in skirts and dresses.  Here’s an outfit I put together to feature this trend […]

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  • I’ve got the blues…

    This Spring, according to Pantone, the trend for women’s wear will include cool tones.  Beautiful blues, aquas, greens and purple jewel tones will fill the racks.  I’m beyond excited, because these are some of my favorite colors! Here, I put together a Spring outfit using aqua and navy.  I LOVE a good bargain, and better […]

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  • Plain White Tee

    I stole, uh hum, borrowed my hubs white tee because mine have all been stained and torn in the trenches of raising 3 kiddos, ha ha. So, here is an example of how to wear that plain white tee and make it not so simple.  I added a pair of black liquid leggings a.k.a. faux leather […]

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  • Aztec Pants and a POP of Neon

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the fun tribal / Aztec prints in fabrics.  Here are some fun pants i found at Ross for $10.00 I paired it with a flowy neutral top I also found at Ross for $6.99.  The POP of neon is added with this frilly clutch I found at an American Eagle Outlet store […]

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  • Comfy Cute – Maxi and flannel

    I love when cute can also be comfy. As moms, many of us wish we could roll out of bed everyday in our sweats and nobody would judge us. Heck, sometimes we could care less, and just do it anyway. But, most days, I’d rather not reveal my zombie-like look but still want to be […]

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  • Back In Black

    Most nights (well, technically mornings since it’s 1:00am) I set out outfits for all 3 kiddos, and try to get around to figure out what the heck I’m going to wear.  Many unsuccessful attempts at piecing things together, multiple try-ons and it’s already 2:00am and I’m outfit-less and exhausted.  So, many typical mornings I end […]

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