I’ve got the blues…

This Spring, according to Pantone, the trend for women’s wear will include cool tones.  Beautiful blues, aquas, greens and purple jewel tones will fill the racks.  I’m beyond excited, because these are some of my favorite colors!


IMG_1255IMG_1249 IMG_1257

Here, I put together a Spring outfit using aqua and navy.  I LOVE a good bargain, and better yet, a good outfit at a great price.  I put this together for under $30, yes including the shoes and accessories!  Aqua Pants :: Mossimo Target $8.38 // Navy Top :: H&M $6 // Turquoise Scarf :: Avon $3.99 // Black Pumps :: Ross $7.99 // Vintage Bangle :: Passed down.  Total Look: $26.36


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