Joyful Fun

For well over a decade I’ve cared for children. I’ve been a Sitter, Nanny, Preschool Teacher, Sunday School Teacher, After-school educator, and most importantly, a Mommy. Over this vast time with many children all from a range of backgrounds and upbringing, I’ve learned it doesn’t take a whole lot of fancy, expensive toys to keep them engaged in play. And by play, I mean, creative, imaginative, engaging, exploratory play. For all those new parents or those looking at what to buy your young counterparts for birthdays or the holidays, here are my suggestions on toys to spark those creative days of play and stand the test of time without breaking the bank.

Ours is from IKEA and has been loved for years – find it here.

For more educational gifts ideas click here.

*By purchasing products from this link I may receive compensation from Amazon*

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