Fun Educational Apps for School-Aged Children

Here are a few of the fun apps we have used our Homeschool years of Preschool, Kindergarten, First and Second grade. They are fun, engaging and best of all (for Momma) they’re EDUCATIONAL!!! Hooray!!! Some of these are FREE – another plus. A few of them fall between the $0.99 – $4.99 range but worth every penny in my opinion.


Epic! is an excellent app for early readers and experienced readers alike.  It offers thousands of book titles and even has an option for read-aloud for those who are just getting the hang of reading, or cannot yet read themselves.  There’s a free version and there’s a monthly option for around $4.99 a month. You can have up to 4 different profiles and each child gets recommendations according to their reading level and interests. It’s the best children’s ebook app in my opinion.


Starfall is great for the Preschool and Kindergarten years.  It’s a great introduction to letter recognition, phonics and beginning reading.  It also incorporates fun games for early math.


My kids love learning about geography and different cultures.  Barefoot World Atlas is an amazing 3D interactive globe. The kids can explore SO many fascinating activities for each country and region. This was definitely worth every penny!


Motion Math Hungry Fish – starts off with basic addition and gets more challenging as they play on. Even gets into negatives and subtraction.


The Teach Me series is designated for each grade level. The First Grade level pictured here features many different categories including sight words, spelling, addition and subtraction. It also has a feature where the child writes their answer, reinforcing writing skills.  I like that this app goes over a range of learning categories.  I’ve purchased Preschool – Third Grade so far.


TellTime Lite is the free version, and still packed with lots of learning. Pretty straight forward – he kids have to set the time on the clock and check if they are correct.


Mystery Math Museum is a fantastically fun and interactive math learning app.  My oldest loves to play this one.  You follow a friendly ghost as he tries to capture dragonflies that are loose in different themed museums. To open doors and earn talking portraits, players collect numbers and solve equations – working on addition, subtraction, and multiplication.


Sushi Monster – I’ll admit, even I get into it. It’s super fun and engaging, and gets more and more challenging. You have to add up the sushi rolls on the conveyer belt to equal the correct number the sushi chef needs.


Monster Physics. The kids love this. You create fun inventions and test them out to see how they work.


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