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We love to utilize technology in our daily homeschool routine.  You might remember my Fun Educational Apps For School Aged Children post I did a while back, if not, go ahead and click to get a refresher.  While we still use many of these great apps, it’s always wonderful to find fun new ways to engage my children to learn and improve their skills.


Prodigy is a great app as well as computer game that focuses on mathematics.  They have to solve problems based on their level in order to battle other players.  The more correct problems they get, the more battles they win and awards they receive.  It’s an awesomely engaging game that my children all love to play.


ABCya Games has a paid subscription, but it also offers 6 free games a week.  We use this on tablets, iPads as well as the computer. There are a variety of Grammar, Math and Science games that are not only super fun but highly educational.

I’ve already shared about Epic! in my previous post, but it bears repeating!  Epic! is an excellent app for early readers and experienced readers alike.  It offers thousands of book titles and even has an option for read-aloud for those who are just getting the hang of reading, or cannot yet read themselves.


Another on the repeat list is Sushi Monster. It’s super fun and engaging, and gets more and more challenging as you conquer each level. You have to add up the sushi rolls on the conveyer belt to equal the correct number the sushi chef needs. This app includes addition and multiplication.DD037869-D614-4CBD-8A13-7C164314C8D3Seek by iNaturalist is an excellent app for your little explorers.  If you have kids like mine that enjoy time outdoors, and are continually discovering new things, this app truly comes in handy when we find new plants or creatures we don’t know much about yet.  This app helps them identify different plants, animals and insects we might find.  They get to earn badges and learn fun facts as well.


BrainPOP Featured Movie app has informative animations on historical topics in a language and format that is relatable to children.  The topics rotate daily to help children learn of new current events as well as historical ones.  It’s a great jumping off point to encourage future self-led investigation.

C1164CCB-F350-4F35-8613-A0F538AA3836Wonderscope is a super fun engaging app that uses augmented reality to transform your space into part of the story on the screen.  The kids have to read the lines out loud to engage with the characters and help them find conflict resolution throughout the game.

Starfall I’m Reading! is an app for younger children who are beyond the basics of Phonics and need more help developing comprehension and reading fluency.  The app helps reinforce sight words and helps expand vocabulary.  There is also an option for the AutoRead feature to be turned on or off once your child is ready to read on their own.

I cannot say enough about how much I love Khan Academy… or better yet, how much my children love it!  And I’m amazed and HOW much information and access you get to interactive exercises, videos, articles and more for FREE!  There is so much to learn and every time my children use the app or go online it sparks interest or a new discovery that they want to dive further into and gain more knowledge of.  It covers so many topics too – Math, Art, Science, Technology, Grammar, Finance, and much much more!

Duolingo is an excellent language learning app that is great for kids and adults! Choose from a vast selection of languages and learn them in a game-like setting. The app makes language learning fun while also being highly educational.

I hope this helps you find some new learning tools and resources to utilize in your daily homeschool routine!

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