LEGO Inspired Birthday

I’ve been looking through old photos and ideas for my second son’s upcoming birthday. He’s an up-and-coming master builder when it comes to LEGOS – it’s a bit of an obsession, really. His older brother was really into the building phase years ago, so I thought I’d share the party I previously threw to put some inspiration out there (and remind myself what we did for the party)!


What boy turning 6 isn’t OBSESSED with LEGOS?  Those small, toe-jabbing building blocks that offer hours of endless constructive entertainment, I could go on and on.  Both of my boys fight over, uh hum, love those things!  So, by request, we threw a LEGO themed constructions party… with the invite stating:  “Come and build with LEGO bricks to celebrate Elijah turning SIX!”  I thought it was a cute little rhyme.

Other than the obvious LEGOS, we incorporated construction hats for the kids to wear and wooden toolboxes full of different sized bricks for littles and bigs alike to build. We picked primary colors for balloons and tableware as well.


Goodie bags were simply plain yellow lunchbags we took a black permanent marker to with the LEGO brick face.


Awwww… wasn’t he such a sweet cutie? Now he’s verging on the teenage years and I just want to cry! But enough of that. Hope you found some inspiration for your little master builder’s party!


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