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Road Trippin’

Summer is just around the corner, and I know many people are preparing to journey out onto the open road.  Recently, we embarked on our third 7 hour (each way) road trip.  Being that this was our third in the last nine months, I think that now qualifies me as a road trip aficionado of sorts.  There are some things that are necessary to keep the kids entertained, minimize stops and help with the inevitable car sickness that a couple of us always have to deal with (and clean up, yay Mom!).  

Here are the items I pack for road trips that I have found helpful in getting us to our destination in a somewhat peaceful manner.


Activities:  reading books / drawing books / pads of paper / coloring books / markers / crayons / geo boards / stickers / iPad / Leappad / headphones / magnets


Snacks: goPicnic lunch packs / fruit ropes / granola bars / applesauce pouches / pop chips / mandarin oranges / water


Emergency:  tissues / medications / essential oils / bucket (yes, we always need one) / wipes / sanitizer / paper towels / medical kit including: bandaids / ointment / itch cream / inhaler / cotton swabs

Also to include: trash bags (a few) / car deodorizing spray (combo of YL Purification oil and water) / change of clothes for each child readily available in ziplock bags in case there’s an accident / sandals in case you need to get out in a hurry and the kids don’t want to tie their shoes / a couple pillows / blanket(s) to sleep with and use for a picnic if you need to stop for a break / cash in the glove compartment in case there’s an unexpected toll bridge (it’s happened) / phone charger / read along cd’s or music you all can enjoy for those areas you can’t pick up any good stations

Happy road tripping!


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