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  • 10 Things to do Instead of Watching TV

    10 Things to do Instead of Watching TV

    During the Summer months it can be tempting to just plop of the sofa with some snacks and waste the day away with mindless entertainment streaming for hours on end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to sit down, relax and watch a movie or two or binge an entire series. But I like to…

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  • Dandelion Lavender Salve

    Dandelion Lavender Salve

    If you’ve been following my latest posts, you may have noticed I’ve been all about the dandelions lately. And why not? They’re plentiful and they’re free. So why not put them to good use? I’ve been busy getting my raised garden beds ready for Spring. With that comes a lot of digging in the dirt,…

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  • Bye bye dairy and gluten

    I’ve been dealing with some health issues and after numerous doctor visits with zero solutions, I finally turned to a more holistic route. I visited an acupuncturist and finally feel like I have more answers and a plan of action. One thing we discovered through Iridology was that I have wheat and dairy issues. Womp…

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  • Oily Mama

    Say what?!?!?  Yes, my semi-crunchy self has delved into the world of essential oils.  Why?  I’ve dealt with an array of issues for far too many years, and finally said, “there’s got to be another way.”  Tired of the side-effects and debilitating attributes of many things I was taking, that only worked a handful of the…

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  • Container Tomatoes

    Container Tomatoes

    Spring is in full bloom, and with that, Spring and Summer gardening.  I love to grow my own fresh, organic tomatoes and basil for caprese salad and my homemade pasta dishes.  I also like to grow them without any pests.  I have a lovely creature who likes to dig up my in-ground plants. Be it a…

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  • Homemade Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

    Homemade Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

    Laundry detergent for sensitive skin can be pricey.  And, most of the time it doesn’t quite do it’s job of getting clothing thoroughly clean in my opinion.  I’ve experimented with a few different combos of DIY laundry detergent and have finally come up with a great combo that actually works and does’t irritate those of…

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  • Road Trippin’

    Road Trippin’

    Summer is just around the corner, and I know many people are preparing to journey out onto the open road.  Recently, we embarked on our third 7 hour (each way) road trip.  Being that this was our third in the last nine months, I think that now qualifies me as a road trip aficionado of…

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