Easter Treats

Hyped up on sugary sweets it’s not how I like to celebrate Easter.  Besides, that’s not what Easter is all about, but let’s save that for another post.  There are many alternatives to filling those plastic eggs with things other than chocolate (that melts in the sun while they hunt for them anyway).  Here are a few things that you can fill your eggs and basket with this Easter.


First, let’s start with some fun “baskets” I found these large eggs filled with smaller eggs to fill at Target for $5 plus I had a cartwheel coupon for an additional 10% off each.



And so that there’s no crazy plastic or paper grass everywhere (and waste) I love getting this edible grass also found at Target for around $2


To fill their baskets, I’m including applesauce/veggie pouches, granola bars, fruit snacks, hair clips (for my girl), mini dinosaurs, mini mazes, little kazoos, wind-up race cars, spinning tops, LEGO figurines, mini clackers, beaded necklaces, bug poppers – there are SO many fun little things you can find in the dollar and party supply sections 


And if you must have some candy, here’s a sweet alternative.  These super fruit chews by the Lovely Candy Co. are DELICIOUS!  Plus they’re gluten and GMO free!!!


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