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  • Gingerbread Christmas

    Gingerbread Christmas

    This year, I decided the theme for the holidays needed to have a bit of joy and whimsy. What better than adding candy cane stripes, squishy snowmen and gingerbread kids? The ribbons were found at Michaels during their Christmas 70% off sale, I always look for those and try to buy up a few different…

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  • DIY Gifts

    DIY Gifts

    If anything the recent years have shown us, it’s that time spent with loved ones is so precious and material possessions are secondary. That being said, the thought behind gift giving should be considered important, not the amount spent or the size of the gift. When giving these DIY gifts throughout the years, I’ve always…

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  • Christmas 2021

    Christmas 2021

    I love to mix up colors and themes every year. I did, though decide to not go crazy this year purchasing new ornaments and limited myself to only purchasing some new ones to incorporate with the ones I already have only if I got them on the cheap! With discout decor on my mind, I…

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  • Low Cost Christmas Decor

    Celebrating holidays doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. I love to do a different theme or color story every year with our tree and Christmas decor. Those who know me know how thrifty I am when it comes to shopping, and holidays are no different. I don’t go out of my way to spend…

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  • Oh, Tannenbaum

    Oh, Tannenbaum

    The Christmas season is here, and this year could definitely use a little hope and faith. Some normalcy is also much needed, and I believe celebrating holidays like Christmas, gives us just that. Tannenbaum refers to a fir tree’s evergreen quality as a symbol of constancy and faithfulness. Well, we all know that this year…

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  • This is Halloween

    This is Halloween

    Well, like everything that has been of the year 2020, we have no idea what Halloween will look like. So, in trying to still make the most of it, and still enjoy every holiday to the fullest, I decided to have some fun decorating for Halloween, which oddly enough – I’ve never really done before!…

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  • It’s Almost Fall Y’all!

    It’s Almost Fall Y’all!

    Let’s take a moment to rejoice… pumpkin flavored everything, turning leaves and sweater weather is just around the corner! Well, maybe not so much the sweater weather here in Central Texas, but some semi-layered outfits, perhaps.  I just can’t resist any longer, so here are a few decor items from last Fall that may inspire…

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  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    Okay, yes I know we haven’t had Thanksgiving and usually I’m a stickler for making sure we give our day of thanks it’s credit… buuuuut this year I dodged the hosting bullet and we can never have enough Christmas! So, I took down the Fall decor and Christmas decor has exploded all throughout my house…

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  • Easter Traditions

    Easter Traditions

    Celebrating Easter comes with all the hype and hoopla of candy and craze! Pumped up on sugary sweets it’s not how I like to celebrate Easter. Besides, that’s not what Easter is all about. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate some fun and possibly start some traditions with your family that don’t necessarily…

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  • Fall Harvest

    I love Fall.  The changing colors, cooler weather, scents of warm cinnamon and lovely spices, the yummy flavors… I could go on and on.  I also love the themes and holidays that occur during the Fall season.  It’s a time of harvest and thanksgiving and coming together to celebrate our blessings with friends and family. …

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