Oh, Tannenbaum

The Christmas season is here, and this year could definitely use a little hope and faith. Some normalcy is also much needed, and I believe celebrating holidays like Christmas, gives us just that.

Tannenbaum refers to a fir tree’s evergreen quality as a symbol of constancy and faithfulness. Well, we all know that this year could use some constancy. Faithfulness is also needed in abundance. So, that’s what I’m going with for this year’s theme song for Christmas.

Now, from researching, I know that the earliest trees were decorated with fruits and candles. I’m not trying to re-create that fire hazard, or mouse attraction, here… No, thanks! This year, I went with a festive, homey feel of tartans, warm lights and red and ornaments with contrasting blues and greens.

This tree also gives off a cabin vibe, because let’s face it… this year has given us a sense of cabin fever, so might as well embrace it, right? Ha!

I incorporated a variety of natural elements with wooden ornaments, pine cones and faux berries to give that traditional Tannenbaum vibe.

I’m not a fan of the blaring blue LED lights, so frosting some outdoor bulbs with some white craft paint helped give the tree that warm glow I was hoping to achieve.

Another way to incorporate DIY elements is making ornaments, like this small wooden wreath. The natural wood acts as a wonderful diffuser when essential oils are dropped on it, giving the wonderful aroma of Christmas without all the chemicals.

Well, that’s about it! I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the season with all the hope, faith and joy we’ve all needed this year!

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