This is Halloween

Well, like everything that has been of the year 2020, we have no idea what Halloween will look like. So, in trying to still make the most of it, and still enjoy every holiday to the fullest, I decided to have some fun decorating for Halloween, which oddly enough – I’ve never really done before!

I typically go full on Fall with decor. This year, I decided we really need to focus on the fun with every holiday we can… and any excuse to decorate and promote happiness in the home is all good with me!

I hit up my normal go-to’s for decor. The Bullseye One-Spot at Target, and Dollar Tree. Target was still unpacking boxes, so I was only able to grab a few things like the little battery powered light-up ghosties… and the Halloween tree.

Black construction paper came in handy to decorate our diffuser as a jack-o’-lantern and make black bats taking flight.

Yummy Fall scents diffusing… with a smile to brighten our day as we walk by.

Overall, I think our little display came out cute and festive. Maybe I’ll snag a few more things to place elsewhere in the home once Target gets more decor on the shelves hehehe.

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