Websites we love

There is currently an abundance of learning resources, which is amazing, yet for some it can be daunting knowing what to pick to use in your daily homeschool.

I’ll break down what websites we refer to or use for lessons and why to hopefully give you a clearer picture in your decision making process.


Daily, other than notebook journal work and their Math and ELA (English Language Arts) workbook assignments, I have my kids do a lesson for each subject on the Freckle Education website,


I like this program because it meets the child where they’re at and helps them improve on skills and move to the next step. Each child tests in to see where they are in their learning journey and helps build upon mastery before moving on to new skills. Each lesson takes about 15-20 minutes and best of all, it’s a free program!

Screenshot_20200721-160918 is a great free site that allows children to practice at their own pace, helping fill in any gaps in their understanding then accelerating further learning. We use it to help specifically with middle school Math and for lessons in coding.

Screenshot_20200721-161537 is a wonderful site for younger learners. It combines fun graphics, songs and learning through play. It’s easy to navigate for young learners and has lessons from Pre-K to 3rd grade.

Screenshot_20200721-162502 shares fun and educational videos about different animals, places and other scientific information. There are also fun games and quizzes to make it a great interactive educational site. Many times we will use it for researching and Science journaling as well.


Mystery Science has 5 minute mini lessons and also provides resources and instructions for hands-on projects do tie in. The videos are very catchy, so the information is memorable and interesting.


The Smithsonian kids website offers wonderful videos and printable activities to lear about historical events, times and people. The site also has a plethora of Science and Art information and activities. It’s such a gem and amazing resource for homeschool lessons.


A resource, I personally love for extensive free and low cost resources when we need some expansion worksheets or activities.

I hope my suggestions help you in your homeschool journey and provide your family some fun learning resources.


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