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  • 10 Things to do Instead of Watching TV

    10 Things to do Instead of Watching TV

    During the Summer months it can be tempting to just plop of the sofa with some snacks and waste the day away with mindless entertainment streaming for hours on end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to sit down, relax and watch a movie or two or binge an entire series. But I like to…

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  • Websites we love

    Websites we love

    There is currently an abundance of learning resources, which is amazing, yet for some it can be daunting knowing what to pick to use in your daily homeschool. I’ll break down what websites we refer to or use for lessons and why to hopefully give you a clearer picture in your decision making process. Daily,…

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  • Historical Literature

    Historical Literature

    Fiction is well loved in this house, giggly tales and humorous stories are eaten up. Silly stories are well and good, but I also want to incorporate some factual information in our literature and possibly historical moments in time we can learn from. Biographies like the Who Was? Series are great for younger learners and…

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  • ELA – English Language Arts

    ELA – English Language Arts

    Reading is a biggie in our homeschool routine. Even my previously “reluctant reader” has become a shining star when it comes to literacy. It didn’t just happen overnight, but once I was able to understand his learning / reading style and tap into his interests, he went from being behind to being multiple grades ahead…

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  • Life Skills 101

    Life Skills 101

    I refuse to send my children out into the world without basic knowledge of a few key life skills. Cooking, cleaning, budgeting, laundry… These are all things that are pretty vital to being a productive, self-reliant adult, in my humble opinion. There are also a few other things that are nice to have a knowledge…

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  • Hands-on History

    Hands-on History

    My kids are all very tactile and visual learners. Sitting in a desk or at a table all day in a book just doesn’t work for them, so I try to incorporate as many hands-on projects or educational videos and experiences that I can. We try to do History units sectioned into time periods or…

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