Gingerbread Christmas

This year, I decided the theme for the holidays needed to have a bit of joy and whimsy. What better than adding candy cane stripes, squishy snowmen and gingerbread kids?

The ribbons were found at Michaels during their Christmas 70% off sale, I always look for those and try to buy up a few different spools of what I know I’ll use currently or in the future.

Not only do I use the ribbon on the tree, but also to accentuate and enhance the Christmas wrapping as well.

The tin vintage-inspired ornaments are from Hobby Lobby, while the other ornaments have been collected from various stores like Walmart, Dollar Tree, and even local thrift stores.

My kids also added these cute ornaments they made from a craft kit we found at Target.

My husband built me the blanket ladder so we can display some of the quilts and special blankets that have been gifted, and we have a basket of blankets we use for family movie nights.

I put a few other touches throughout the house, in the breakfast nook, and our living room bookshelf.

I also purchased this $5 tree from the Target Bullseye Playground area to display our photo ornaments throughout the years. I found the woven tree skirt at Walmart.

I hope this inspires you if you decide to bring this fun, festive theme into your home this year or the next!

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