Monster Beach Bash

I LOVE throwing birthday parties.  I have so much fun decorating and making sure every little detail is taken care of to ensure a fun gathering of friends and family.  My middle child’s birthday usually has nice sunny weather, so it’s almost become a tradition to throw his party at the beach cottage. I don’t always want to go with the typical “beach theme” every year, so I’ve tried to change it up. For his fourth birthday we decided to make it a monster theme. But how in the world do you incorporate it into the beach location? Monster Beach Bash!!!


Silly bubble blowers found at Target


Fun monster lollipop assortment found on Oriental Trading Co. website.  They have a nice range of fun treats in themes for any occasion.



Silly monster banner also found at Oriental Trading Co.


Treat bags from Target


The kids had fun putting together their own silly monster masks… here’s the birthday boy posing with his creation.  These were also found at Oriental Trading Co.



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