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  • A Collected Home

    A Collected Home

    I’m a huge proponent of making a house a home, in furniture, decor, colors, textiles, etc. Yes, I do love a good furniture store mock-up or display, for a bit of inspiration, but most of the time those aren’t very realistic. Homes are to be lived in, not curated boxes of untouchable things. Making your…

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  • Minimal Christmas Village Tablescape

    Minimal Christmas Village Tablescape

    Neutral gingerbread houses, deep green beeswax candles and repurposed cake stands make up this minimal Wintry Wonderland. Wooden gingerbread style houses, wooden trees and multicolor bottlebrush trees from Target’s Bullseye Playground. Natural beeswax candles and wooden candleholders from Amazon. The green tablecloth is from Threshold found on sale at Target. The white table runner is…

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  • Thrifted + Vintage

    Thrifted + Vintage

    Your home is meant to be your comfortable space. The place to unwind, feel at peace, let the worries subside. For us, our home is also the place to showcase our collections, DIY projects, and other treasures. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure… and, well, we’ve inherited or collected quite a…

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  • Touches of Fall

    Touches of Fall

    All the stores are busting out the Fall decorations, and even some Christmas… but I don’t judge! This year I opted for touches of turquoise and goldenrod to incorporate my existing decor and keep with a minimalistic vibe.

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  • The Boys’ Abode

    The Boys’ Abode

    The boys’ shared room has a fun, funky vibe with Southwest – boho flair!  I wanted to add some “Western” decor without going overboard with the whole Cowboys and Indians thing… so, this is the direction I went.  Geometric patterns with woven Mexican blankets.  Faux cowhide rug.  A longhorn tapestry.  Tin initials.  Antique knick-knacks. The…

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  • New Home

    New Home

    We recently took a leap of faith and moved out of our comfort zone to another state.   With the rising cost of living expenses in CA, we knew if we ever wanted to thoroughly enjoy life and not be constantly strapped for cash, we had to move!   So, after a lot of prayer…

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  • Succulent Love

    Succulent Love

    I LOVE succulents.  They’re hearty plants that come in a gorgeous array of shapes, colors, and textures.  Their greatest quality is that they are low maintenance!  Even the blackest of thumbs can seem like an expert gardener with succulents on display.  Here are a few ideas of how to display them in and around your…

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  • Spring Table Vignette

    Spring Table Vignette

    Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.  The weather is warm, but not too hot, the landscape filled with the scenery of life blooming all around.  Flowers, greenery, it all just makes me happy.  Here is a dining table display or vignette using a rattan tray, some recycled bottles, fruits and flowers and other…

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  • Home Tour

    Home Tour

    I’m a plant-loving, rustic-chic, bohemian, type girl.  I love my greenery all throughout my house, not just in my yard.  I enjoy touches of industrial decor as well as calming hues like blues and greens.  I like to re-use and recycle pieces I already have, as well as finding “new” thrift shop items to transform…

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