The Boys’ Abode

The boys’ shared room has a fun, funky vibe with Southwest – boho flair!  I wanted to add some “Western” decor without going overboard with the whole Cowboys and Indians thing… so, this is the direction I went.  Geometric patterns with woven Mexican blankets.  Faux cowhide rug.  A longhorn tapestry.  Tin initials.  Antique knick-knacks.

The longhorn tapestry was actually done by local artists for IKEA.  The blue locker cabinet is also from there.  The aztec-print curtains were a Target clearance find!

Wood arrow decals from Hobby Lobby.

Lego display shelf we made by removing the glass from a shadow box, adding plywood, Gorilla gluing Lego pieces and then spray painting it navy blue.

I hope you enjoy their playful bedroom as much as me!



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