DIY No-Sew Doggy Bed Cover

Replacement covers for dog beds are expensive, especially when you need a large or extra large sized cover…

No bueno

Here’s an inexpensive, no-sew alternative to a store-bought (and not so pretty) dog bed cover.


Grab 2 inexpensive $3 fleece blankets (I found these at Walmart) or measure your bed and allow for 2-3 inches around… head to your local fabric store for some inexpensive fleece fabric. Grab some scissors…

Cut fabric all around the dog bed in approximately 1.5 inch strips. Double knot the top strip to the bottom strip all around the bed – easy enough.

This is how it should look.

Add in a sleepy dog and you’re all set!  If you need to wash the cover, simply untie one of the shorter sides and slide the bed out (like a pillow case).


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