New Home

We recently took a leap of faith and moved out of our comfort zone to another state.  

With the rising cost of living expenses in CA, we knew if we ever wanted to thoroughly enjoy life and not be constantly strapped for cash, we had to move!  

So, after a lot of prayer and struggle, here we are!  God truly opened every door and made this process as seamless as possible.  

We were really dreading not being able to find something we liked / needed within our budget with the amenities we were looking for.

But with faith {and an awesome realtor} we found a great home that fits our family.

It’s not huge – and that’s not what we wanted anyway, but we have a large yard {which needs a lot of TLC – that will be a later post!} and we are near a lake, trails and campgrounds which suits our outdoorsy family quite well!

2 responses to “New Home”

  1. I’m so happy for you and your family ! I knew you wanted to move there awhile back . I hope good things happen to you and your family ! Bless you !


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