A Collected Home

I’m a huge proponent of making a house a home, in furniture, decor, colors, textiles, etc. Yes, I do love a good furniture store mock-up or display, for a bit of inspiration, but most of the time those aren’t very realistic. Homes are to be lived in, not curated boxes of untouchable things.

Making your living space uniquely yours can take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say.

Our home is a mix of things collected over time, either purchased new, thrifted, found or given by friends and family.

I’ve shared this dumpster find dining table previous posts, but I can’t stop sharing that sometimes, you find the best things discarded that can still have a purpose.

Greenery is a biggie for me. For one, green is my favorite color, so incorporating it in our home was a given. Other than that, plants improve the air quality in your living environment as well, so I try to incorporate as many plants around the house that I possibly can.

I thrift many of my plant baskets (keeping a plastic pot inside with a tray), I find the larger clay pots mostly at garage and estate sales.

I like to display found / collected items on different bookshelves around the house.

We have collected sand and shells from different beaches we’ve visited – I label the bottoms of the jars with the location and year so they are not only decor, but a family keepsake.

We’ve also collected some neat wings from butterflies and moths, and to display them, I’ve simply pressed them in a glass frame with a thick solid backing.

We went through a big rock collection phase as a family, and we continue to go to a yearly fossil fest. We still tend to take home neat rocks, fossils and arrowhead pieces we find by the lake in our neighborhood. So we have some of them displayed by using a thrifted Scrabble piece holder as well as a small holder I found on clearance at World Market.

Incorporating artwork done by my children is also important, but I didn’t want the typical “kids gallery wall” we’ve seen time and again. So I’ve opted to incorporate pieces in galleries and on shelves, nestled amongst other art and photographs.

Above, the white rose, and the collage of our dog my middle son did. Below, a kangaroo sketch he did around age 11.

I enjoy photography as well, so being able to move around photos and ocasssionally add more I opted to keep most of our photos on shelves so I wasn’t continuously putting holes in walls hanging them. I asked my husband to build me this wall of shelves in our room so we could store books and precious photos of our kids.

We have a large collection of books as well, and until I get my dream sunroom library built, multiple bookshelves throughout the house will have to do.

I hope this post gives you some ideas on how to display your collected items throughout your home.

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