Succulent Love

I LOVE succulents.  They’re hearty plants that come in a gorgeous array of shapes, colors, and textures.  Their greatest quality is that they are low maintenance!  Even the blackest of thumbs can seem like an expert gardener with succulents on display.  Here are a few ideas of how to display them in and around your home.


Display them among your everyday items like this breakfast tray… so that even on the busiest of days you can take a moment to reflect and enjoy something beautiful.


Display them in something other than a designated plant pot.  Here, I’ve used a fish bowl to create a display an arrangement of spiky cacti.


Use old wooden toolboxes to display them on your porch or front steps.  I have these at my door to welcome guests. I love the beautiful arrangement of calming cool toned succulents.

succulents4Don’t toss that chipped coffee mug!  I reused mine by giving it a new life as a home for these wonderful succulents on my fireplace mantle.


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