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  • Homeschool Supplies

    Homeschool Supplies

    Current events have MANY parents questioning whether or not their children will be returning to traditional schooling. And who could blame them? Thankfully there are plenty of resources and seasoned people (hi there!) who have been in the trenches of homeschool and can offer some (hopefully) helpful advice. I have several past posts that go…

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  • Fun With Sight Words

    Fun With Sight Words

    The joy of homeschool is not being stuck at a desk or within four walls the majority of the day, and we try to take full advantage of that. Now, this doesn’t mean we don’t need some time to sit and write or read, but physicality runs deep in this household, so moving about or…

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  • Educational Apps & Websites

    Educational Apps & Websites

    We love to utilize technology in our daily homeschool routine.  You might remember my Fun Educational Apps For School Aged Children post I did a while back, if not, go ahead and click to get a refresher.  While we still use many of these great apps, it’s always wonderful to find fun new ways to…

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  • Little Scientists

    Little Scientists

    I’ll be honest… embarking on this year’s homeschool journey I was slightly hesitant to write out my curriculum for Science.  I’m no lab tech, and I’ve never been really great at Science (or Math for that matter)!  Fortunately for me (and my kiddos) nowadays we have such great technology and resources at our fingertips –…

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  • Playing with Sight Words

    During my years of Homeschoollearned one simple thing: you can’t force your kids to learn.  You can beg, plead, haggle, threaten, bribe… you name it, they won’t budge.  And, who wants a learning environment like that anyway?  I’ve learned it’s a MUST to make learning fun, and to adapt to your specific child’s learning style…

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  • Fun Educational Apps for School-Aged Children

    Fun Educational Apps for School-Aged Children

    Here are a few of the fun apps we have used our Homeschool years of Preschool, Kindergarten, First and Second grade. They are fun, engaging and best of all (for Momma) they’re EDUCATIONAL!!! Hooray!!! Some of these are FREE – another plus. A few of them fall between the $0.99 – $4.99 range but worth every…

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