Fun With Sight Words

The joy of homeschool is not being stuck at a desk or within four walls the majority of the day, and we try to take full advantage of that. Now, this doesn’t mean we don’t need some time to sit and write or read, but physicality runs deep in this household, so moving about or being comfortable is important during learning time. That being said, working on sight words and spelling lists can get kind of bland just writing out and being done with them. So, I’ve decided it’s best to incorporate as much hands-on or body moving activities into our studies to jazz things up and help my kids retain their learning even more.


One of the first activities I had my youngest do was “Sight Word Stamping.” We got out some craft dough and rubber letter stamps and she worked on stamping out the first five words from her sight word list. After she stamped it out, she wrote down her list. She loved this activity so much, she decided to continue on with the next five words on the list. Hooray!

The next activity was what I entitled “Scrambled Up Scavenger Hunt.” I put the sight words on different colored post-it notes (different color for each child) and hid them around the yard. Now, each word was scrambled and they had to unscramble each word in their notebook for it to count. If you have similar level kids, you could also make it a competition, but they had fun the way we did it.


Finally, another fun activity we’ve incorporated is “Secret Sight Words.” I write out sight words beforehand with a white crayon (this takes a good eye to see what you’re doing!). The kids then paint over the words with watercolors to reveal the secret words and copy them down in their notebooks.

I hope these activities give you some inspiration for you to use during your homeschool day!


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