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  • Delicious Mini Frittatas

    Delicious Mini Frittatas

    I’ve made this recipe before, but it’s so good it bears repeating. It is one of those breakfast options that is yummy alone or can even be paired with a side salad to be eaten for lunch.  They also freeze really well, so they’re a great option to make in bulk to store in your freezer.…

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  • Let’s Eat! 2 Week mealplan

    Here’s my 14 day meal plan consisting of mostly organic / “clean-ish” eating options. This feeds a family of 5-6 (sometimes with leftovers depending on how hungry everyone is!). My goal is to get the cost down, but this currently totals around $250 (shopping mostly sale items and/or using cartwheel coupons when shopping at Target).…

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  • Gluten free Cornbread Muffins

    Gluten free Cornbread Muffins

    Chili and cornbread is one of our faves around here.  I wanted to change it up a bit and try out a gluten-free cornbread recipe while making the muffins for dinner.  It did not disappoint!  Recipe below. Ingredients: 1 cup yellow cornmeal 1 cup cornflour (masa harina) 1⁄4 cup white sugar (or substitute) 2 teaspoons…

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  • One Pot Fall Feast

    One Pot Fall Feast

    When I think of Fall I think of harvested vegetables and warm filling dishes.  I think this is one of those recipes that incorporates salty and sweet notes in a flavorfully filling dish.  And the fact that it can be combined in one pot and brought to the table to be served is even more incentive for…

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  • One-Pot Veggie Penne with Chicken and Sun-dried Tomatoes

    One-Pot Veggie Penne with Chicken and Sun-dried Tomatoes

    I adore one-pot meals.  Dishes pile continuously throughout the day in my home, so I’m always looking to create less mess when it comes to cooking dinner.  Hallelujah for one-pot meals.  Really, they’re a life-safer for this crazy-busy momma!  Here’s a favorite for us, and thankfully it doesn’t take too many ingredients (or dishes, yay!)…

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  • Super Moist Banana Bread With Chunks of Dark Chocolate

    Super Moist Banana Bread With Chunks of Dark Chocolate

    I had a couple of bananas on their last day of survival before making it to the trash.  Spotted brown and slightly softened, the only way to enjoy these babies were in a bread.  I’ve been stuck home treating an asthmatic child and haven’t made it to the grocery store in 3 days!  Thankfully, this…

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  • Yummy Coconut Pancakes

    Yummy Coconut Pancakes

    If you’ve been following my blog, I think it’s pretty well established that breakfast foods are my most favorite.  Like my good man Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation says “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.”  Such wisdom, Ron, such wisdom. Ingredients: Directions: Heat up your pan or griddle…

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  • Ham and Egg Cups

    Ham and Egg Cups

    Here’s a simple recipe for a hearty, filling breakfast that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or easily taken with you to eat on the road.  It can also keep you on track with your diet by being made low fat by simply using egg whites and low fat cheese.  You can…

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  • Individual BBQ Chicken Pizzas

    Individual BBQ Chicken Pizzas

    It may be Winter, but in California we have days that feel like Spring or Summer that like to pop up when it’s suppose to be chilly.  On these warmer days, I like to make lighter meals.  Here’s a quick dish that everyone in my house loves.  Individual BBQ chicken pizzas made with Naan bread.…

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  • Corndog Muffins

    Corndog Muffins

    My kiddos love corndogs, I’m not the biggest fan due to the amount of processing and added junk. So, to satisfy their corndog cravings without going fully into the dark hole of processed nastiness, here’s a homemade version of corndogs: Corndog Muffins.  They enjoy them (and so do I) as an after-school snack, or for…

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