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I’m a plant-loving, rustic-chic, bohemian, type girl.  I love my greenery all throughout my house, not just in my yard.  I enjoy touches of industrial decor as well as calming hues like blues and greens.  I like to re-use and recycle pieces I already have, as well as finding “new” thrift shop items to transform into fun, functional items around the house.  Here’s a look at my eclectic casa.  Hope it inspires you to get decorating!

I love the feel of cool tones, it gives the room a calming effect.  I snagged this rug at Ross for only $14!  The artwork is all DIY by me (late at night, so it’s not the best).  We are renting, but I like to incorporate a lot of vintage finds and hand me downs throughout which give the house a more home vibe.

This trunk has been passed down by my Mom – she actually used it during her college days back in the 70’s.  The globe was a $2 Salvation Army find, the lamp / shade were recently purchased from Target.  Bookends were a Target clearance find last year.  Fiddle leaf fig tree from IKEA.

DIY art work on the fireplace mantle.  Baskets under the coffee table to store random toys that somehow keep finding their way to the living room, even tho I’ve set a no-toy rule… oh well!




A family photo gallery displayed in our hallway



books in a chicken wire basket… I LOVE old baskets

10620537_10152499033433842_5275234310046556157_n 10639383_10152499032713842_6364938215910164775_n

Our office / game-room / guest room.  This faux leather futon lays flat making it a twin size bed for guests


My daughter loves mermaids, so I decorated her room in fun aquas, corals and her favorite color, pink

IMG_1417 IMG_1418

IMG_1419For my boys, I wanted fun pops of color, with a slight vintage feel to it


I made the top two throw pillows (2 of each) for their beds from IKEA fabric


There you have it, a little bit of our new dwelling, hopefully to inspire your decorating whims!


2 responses to “Home Tour”

  1. i love all your beautiful decor! How many bedrooms do you have? Do you have any tips on a boy/girl shared room and three kids in small apartment spaces?


    • Thanks Tonya! We currently have 3 bedrooms and a small office that doubles as a guest room. For a shared room I would stick to neutrals like beiges, creams, pops of light teal or turquoise and fun patterns in black and white. Especially in an apartment where the rooms tend to be smaller. Using lighter colors will help your space feel larger. Hope that helps! Congrats on your new addition!


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