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Cranberry Pistachio Dutch Oven Bread

I love to bake, especially when I can figure out how to tweak a recipe to make it easier, or one that requires minimal ingredients and work! I have a basic bread recipe that I love to use where I can incorporate different fillers to make it sweet or savory. This bread uses the base of that dough and is on the sweeter side, without being overwhelming. It makes for a nice filling breakfast bread.


• 3 cups unbleached AP flour
• 1 ½ cups lukewarm water
• ½ cup cinnamon sugar mix
• 1 tsp. active yeast
• ½ cup dried cranberries
• ½ chopped pistachios
• 2 tsp. orange zest
• 1 tsp. salt


In a stand mixer, using the bread hook, mix together flour, yeast, salt, water and sugar mixture. Mix on speed 2 for approximately 4 minutes. Add in cranberries, pistachios and orange zest and mix together on speed 1 until combined.

Cover with a clean kitchen towel and set in a draft-free spot to rise for 10-12 hours undisturbed (I like to place in the cold oven overnight).

After the proofing time has passed, turn the dough out onto a surface that has been sprinkled lightly with flour and quickly shape into a circle. It will be slightly sticky, so you might want to flour your hands as well. Try to not overwork the dough, just form it into a rustic circle. Let the dough rest, while the oven and Dutch oven preheats.

To get your Dutch oven prepared, place it in oven fitted with its lid. Preheat to 425⁰ F. Once the Dutch oven is preheated, grab your oven mitts and carefully remove it from the oven. If using parchment paper that is safe up to 425⁰ F, you can simply pick up the parchment paper and place into the dutch oven. I prefer to not use parchment paper, and just plop the bread dough directly to the dutch oven. DO NOT USE wax paper or a silicone baking sheet.
Bake for 30-40 minutes covered. Turn oven off and remove the lid and bake for an additional 5-10 minutes or until golden.

Remove bread from dutch oven and let cool on a wire rack completely before serving, approximately 10 minutes.

Once cool, store bread in a sealable bag, or container at room temperature for up to 3 days (if there’s any left).

I prefer eating it with a little ricotta cheese and honey. So yummy!

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