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  • 10 Things to do Instead of Watching TV

    10 Things to do Instead of Watching TV

    During the Summer months it can be tempting to just plop of the sofa with some snacks and waste the day away with mindless entertainment streaming for hours on end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to sit down, relax and watch a movie or two or binge an entire series. But I like to […]

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  • Low Cost Family Fun in Central Texas

    Low Cost Family Fun in Central Texas

    Looking to make memories as a family without going into debt? Well, you’ve made it to the right place, then. I’ve always tried to keep budget conscious when it comes to travel and activities, but don’t want to scrimp on the fun opportunities. Here are some places throughout Central Texas that we’ve found to be […]

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  • A Collected Home

    A Collected Home

    I’m a huge proponent of making a house a home, in furniture, decor, colors, textiles, etc. Yes, I do love a good furniture store mock-up or display, for a bit of inspiration, but most of the time those aren’t very realistic. Homes are to be lived in, not curated boxes of untouchable things. Making your […]

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  • Blueberries and Cream Crumble Pie

    Blueberries and Cream Crumble Pie

    Some of my family members love blueberry pie, then there’s some of us who love creamy custard pies. We can all agree on a love for crumble. So, to combine them all and make everyone happy, here we are with this deliciously sweet + tart, creamy pie with a lovely crumble. Ingredients: • 1 pre-made […]

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