Garden Water Retention

If you live in an area that gets to triple digits, you know keeping your garden soil from drying out can be an issue.

I’ve found Terra Cotta spikes and recycling glass bottles to be great helpers in the garden, helping the soil retain moisture on super bright, sunny days.

Once they arrive, remove the packaging and soak them overnight in water. You’ll want to do this so that when you stick them into the soil they don’t crack under pressure.

Dig out the area you want the spike to be placed, set them in the soil and place a glass bottle of water upside down into it. When the soil starts to dry, the spike with naturally leach out water to keep it hydrated.

And there you have it! Not only are they helpful in keeping your soil from drying out, I think they’re aesthetically pleasing and I love being able to recycle bottles that would otherwise be trashed. Refill the bottles as needed, and keep your garden nice and moisturized.

Other tips for keeping your garden to hold moisture for longer periods include covering your soil with a blanket of organic material such as straw, leaves, shredded paper / cardboard, or bark. This helps moderate the soil temperature, prevent runoff and evaporation, and holds the moisture in for longer between waterings.

So I say, leave the leaves!

Purchase your spikes here: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

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