Are you stuck in a rut, or just need to shake things up with your homeschool routine? Ever tried to incorporate gameschooling? Gameschooling, what in the world is that? Well, it is a popular choice for many homeschoolers for the simple reason that it encourages learning, sometimes without the kids even knowing! Gameschooling is the intersection of play and education assignments, offering a happy medium free of pressure and criticism, automatically creating a fun, positive learning environment.

Studies have shown that kids learn more efficiently and retain more information when lessons are more enjoyable. So, gameschooling honestly can change your entire homeschool atmosphere for the better!  Many of us recognize the benefit of learning games and educational fun, such as improved memory, increased engagement, and a more positive, bonding experience overall.

Not to mention, board games, card games, and puzzles are definitely coming in handy during this extensive time staying at home.

Here’s how some of the games we enjoy correlate educationally.

+ Yeti in My Spaghetti – Physics

+ Scattergories – English Language Arts (ELA)

+ Clue – Logic / Strategy / Deduction

+ Watch Ya Mouth – Reading (mouth PE 😂)

+ Ticket to Ride – Geography / Critical Thinking

+ Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego? – Geography

+ Kingdomino – Logic / Strategy

+ GoTrio – Logic / Strategy

+ Chess – Logic / Strategy

+ The Game of Life – Math

+ Ramen Fury – Math

+ Rummikub – Math

+ Monopoly – Math

+ Sushi Go – Math

+ Quixx – Math

+ Werewords – ELA

+ Pictionary – ELA / Art

+ Poetry for Neanderthals – ELA

I highly recommend incorporating more games and puzzles if you can into your homeschool routine, and hey, even as adults it’s fun to play card and board games and helps keep you sharp!

*This post contains affiliate links – by purchasing items, we may receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you! Thank you.

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