Diffuser Jewelry

11151018_987646031259493_7140615066328147983_nSome of you may not know, but I moonlight as a jewelry maker.  I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit from the time I was 9 years old. I started creating custom clay and beaded jewelry and selling them in local Summer camp stores by the time I was in the fifth grade. In high school, I continued fashioning custom pieces as gifts for friends and family. It wasn’t until after college I decided to get back into selling pieces. I love re-fashioning odds and ends of vintage jewelry and giving them new life. I also love creating my own pieces off the top of my head.

In conjunction with my new journey into the world of essential oils, I hoped to join the two worlds and combine my love for each into a cohesive manner.


I’ve started designing “Diffuser Jewelry.”  Now, what on earth does that mean?  Unlike other senses which are processed through the thalamus, our sense of smell has a direct line of access to the cerebral cortex.   With this information, essential oils just seem obvious to incorporate into our lives to help enhance cognitive performance, memory, focus and creativity.  Also, smells are deeply interconnected with our limbic system – the part of ourselves that connects, feels, experiences intuition, inspires and motivates. 11137105_986861534671276_5141337697721682559_n


Essential oils can help to soothe and calm us, or invigorate us and lift our mood.  Almost everyone can and should benefit from aromatherapy, but not everyone around you may benefit from the same essential oils as you might.  And, it’s a bit difficult to walk around with open bottles or an electric diffuser in your hands.  Insert diffuser jewelry.  Beautiful individual pieces of jewelry that allow you to carry the benefits of essential oils wherever you go!

These are just a few examples of pieces that I make, and more can be seen on my Dainty J Accessories Etsy shop page.  I hope you find something you or someone you know might like to use in their oily journey!


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