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  • Peppers ‘n Eggs

    We eat eggs daily around here, and sometimes the two options of scrambled or fried gets a little old.  I like to try to change it up a bit with veggies, but don’t have the time to plate omelets or whip up a quiche for 5 when we’re rushing to get out the door every morning. […]

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  • Delicious Sausage, Egg and Kale Mini Frittatas

    Delicious Sausage, Egg and Kale Mini Frittatas

    Breakfast is hands down my favorite meal of the day… well, maybe not the time, because I’m NOT a morning person… but breakfast foods are my fave!  This next recipe is one of those breakfast options that is yummy alone or can even be paired with a side salad for lunch.  It’s also a great option […]

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  • Oats to Go

    Oats to Go

    Overnight oatmeal has become a popular breakfast choice as of late.  I’m not much of an oatmeal fan, but I thought if it’s so popular, it must be good, so I gave this it a try.  I’m glad I did!  It’s simple, easy and can be made in bulk batches to eat throughout the week.  I […]

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  • Quick and Delicious Parfaits

    Most mornings, we’re too stressed to get out the door on time, we don’t have a filling, nutritious breakfast.  Or, we grab some unhealthy convenient food from a fast food joint because it’s easy.  Plan ahead with a few simple steps on the weekend, and you can enjoy a delicious, and nutritious breakfast all week. […]

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  • BBQ Chicken salad

    I’ve seen an abundance of pre-made salads all over Pinterest, so I thought I’d give it a shot with my own recipe.  It’s rather simple, and rather delicious.  I made enough for two servings.  One to test out, freshly made, and one to try later on my busy days when I don’t have much time […]

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