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  • Crab Corn Chowder

    Crab Corn Chowder

    The weather has been straight crazy around here… going from almost 80° to 31° overnight! So when it dipped, we needed something warm and hearty to fill our bellies. Thick and delectable crab corn chowder and pepper jack grilled cheese sandwiches did the trick! Ingredients: 3 large golden potatoes – cubed 2 Medium carrots –…

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  • Trader Joe’s 7 Day Mealplan

    Trader Joe’s 7 Day Mealplan

    Who doesn’t love quick and easy meals? I know I sure do! Now, who loves quick, easy, healthy AND low cost meals??? MEEEEE!!!!! With our busy weekdays of homeschool field trips, music lessons, baseball practice, art, etc. I’m all for meals that require minimal ingredients and minimal effort. Who’s with me? Here’s my 7 Day…

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  • Bye bye dairy and gluten

    I’ve been dealing with some health issues and after numerous doctor visits with zero solutions, I finally turned to a more holistic route. I visited an acupuncturist and finally feel like I have more answers and a plan of action. One thing we discovered through Iridology was that I have wheat and dairy issues. Womp…

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  • Let’s Eat! 2 Week mealplan

    Here’s my 14 day meal plan consisting of mostly organic / “clean-ish” eating options. This feeds a family of 5-6 (sometimes with leftovers depending on how hungry everyone is!). My goal is to get the cost down, but this currently totals around $250 (shopping mostly sale items and/or using cartwheel coupons when shopping at Target).…

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  • Individual BBQ Chicken Pizzas

    Individual BBQ Chicken Pizzas

    It may be Winter, but in California we have days that feel like Spring or Summer that like to pop up when it’s suppose to be chilly.  On these warmer days, I like to make lighter meals.  Here’s a quick dish that everyone in my house loves.  Individual BBQ chicken pizzas made with Naan bread.…

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  • Heavenly Mac N Cheese

    Heavenly Mac N Cheese

    Who didn’t love macaroni and cheese growing up?  The ooey gooey, warm, cheesy goodness that many of us looked forward to as an after school snack.  I still grab a bowl when I make it for my kiddos.  Here’s a more decadent, sophisticated, if you must version on this childhood classic.  I call it Heavenly Mac…

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  • Zuppa Toscana

    Zuppa Toscana

    I love Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana, but we try to limit ourselves to eating out only once a week, if that.  So, in an attempt to save money, and have a better knowledge of what ingredients we are consuming, we make an effort to eat at home as a family almost every night of the…

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  • One Pot Tortellini Soup

    One Pot Tortellini Soup

    I’m stumped more often than not on what to cook for my family.  I want something fun and fresh, but I also prefer to sit through dinners without complaint from 3 little mouths…  I also LOVE one-pot, easy, breezy, quick to clean meals that are hearty and filling. Here is a yummy take on tortellini.…

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