Head Out to the Hill Country

Texas has some beautifully diverse terrain. Some of the most serene spots can be found in what’s known as the Texas Hill Country. From multiple locations featuring natural springs and swimming holes, to multiple cavern tour experiences, there’s something to explore in the Hill Country. North of Austin is the quaint town of Marble Falls….

Fun in the Golden State

Fun in California can be costly, especially if you stick to the more touristy attractions. Fear not, there are quite a few things to do that are memorable without completely emptying your wallet. When we lived there, we tried our best to appreciate all the beauty that surrounded us, and tried to take advantage of…

Family Fun in Waco

There’s more fun to be had in Waco, Texas than the area around the silos. Don’t get me wrong, you can find some great home decor and have some fun photos taken there, but there are so many more things to explore as a family in Waco! Waco’s 52-acre natural habitat, the Cameron Park Zoo…

Hawaiian Mac Salad

Hawaiian mac salad – so yummy and the perfect side for all your Summer dishes! My husband spent part of his youth growing up in Hawaii, and we still have family living there. We love to go visit and take in all the yummy dishes that are not as easy to find on the mainland….