Month: April 2020

  • Cinnamon Crunch Banana Bread

    Cinnamon Crunch Banana Bread

    Deliciously warm and filling, with just enough crunch and sweetness. This cinnamon Crunch banana bread has walnuts and dark chocolate morsels and is made with whole wheat flour, so you can say it’s somewhat healthier and have yourself another slice… believe me, you’re going to anyway! Ingredients: • 2 large eggs • 2-3 overipe bananas,…

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  • Carrot Top Hummus

    Carrot Top Hummus

    My carrots have gone crazy! But that’s a good thing. I’ve been picking them and we’re enjoying them as a snack, pickled and in salads. But we’re left with all of these beautiful greens. I’m a very waste not, want not type person and try to fill multiple purposes with items. So I researched and…

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