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Bye bye dairy and gluten

I’ve been dealing with some health issues and after numerous doctor visits with zero solutions, I finally turned to a more holistic route. I visited an acupuncturist and finally feel like I have more answers and a plan of action. One thing we discovered through Iridology was that I have wheat and dairy issues. Womp womp. Two of my most favorite “food groups” hahaha. So, I’m on a mission to change up my eating habits and learning what works for me as I go. So far it’s been ok, I SO miss my yummy pastries, but I’m making it work. Here are a few snacks and meals that I’ve enjoyed and could eat on a regular basis and not feel like I’m “missing out” on mouth watering meals.


Breakfast or snack of sliced grapefruit sprinkled with cinnamon and turmeric and drizzled with agave syrup.


Breakfast of salt free seasoned potatoes, grilled asparagus and eggs.


Organic Sambazon Acai pack, granola with almonds and flaxseed, dairy free coconut milk yogurt.


Mid-day snack of wweet peppers, cucumbers and hummus.


Organic, grass-fed ground beef, yams, corn, spinach, peas, cauliflower rice seasoned with GF worcestershire sauce and ketchup.


Steamed lobster, steak with garlic and spinach strawberry salad.


I like to make a large sheet pan of no salt seasoned chicken tenders or chicken breast with some tiny potatoes and a large batch of steamed broccoli to eat as a quick lunch to reheat throughout the week.


Oven roasted beef with avocado oil and herbs (thyme, rosemary, oregano), minced garlic and roasted potatoes – also great with roasted yams too.


Spinach with fresh butternut squash noodles, sliced tomatoes, roast chicken drizzled with olive oil and fig vinaigrette.


Campfire chicken packets with corn on the cob, carrots and potatoes.


And we can’t forget dessert… this is the best brand of cookies we’ve tried that are both gluten and dairy free… and the peanut butter ones are super delicious as well.

I hope these give you some ideas if you’re also needing to change up your diet but still love and want to enjoy food!


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