Let’s Eat! 2 Week mealplan

Here’s my 14 day meal plan consisting of mostly organic / “clean-ish” eating options. This feeds a family of 5-6 (sometimes with leftovers depending on how hungry everyone is!). My goal is to get the cost down, but this currently totals around $250 (shopping mostly sale items and/or using cartwheel coupons when shopping at Target)….

DIY No-Sew Doggy Bed Cover

Replacement covers for dog beds are expensive, especially when you need a large or extra large sized cover… Here’s an inexpensive, no-sew alternative to a store-bought (and not so pretty) dog bed cover. Grab 2 inexpensive $3 fleece blankets (I found these at Walmart) or measure your bed and allow for 2-3 inches around… head…