Puppy Love

So we started the new year welcoming a new member to the family, a Labrador / Retriever / Pit mix Lana AKA Lanabear.

She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever encountered. Tolerant with our  crazy bunch, loving and gentle.  But unfortunately nobody wanted to adopt her because she has heartworms and needed treatment. =(  I’m so happy we took a chance and adopted her! These next few months of treatment won’t seem like much compared to a doggie lifetime of the love and friendship she gives.


Because she needs to take daily meds, I’ve had to get a little creative because a) they’re expensive and I don’t want to waste them! b) she spits them out as soon as she knows it’s in her mouth! So if you also have a pup who won’t take her meds… these peanut butter / oatmeal / pumpkin balls did the trick for our Lanabear and are super easy to make!  Just add 1/2 can pure pumpkin, 1 heaping tbs. organic peanut butter, 1/2 cup finely ground oats together in a bowl. Have whole wheat flour on a mat because these babies will be sticky! Roll into little balls and place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Stick in the freezer for approx. 30 min. You can store these in the fridge and use as needed. I put a pill in the center and she has no idea – she just thinks she’s getting a treat!




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