Playing with Sight Words

During my years of Homeschoollearned one simple thing: you can’t force your kids to learn.  You can beg, plead, haggle, threaten, bribe… you name it, they won’t budge.  And, who wants a learning environment like that anyway?  I’ve learned it’s a MUST to make learning fun, and to adapt to your specific child’s learning style to help them enjoy the process and absorb more information because they are happily engaged.  One of my children enjoys art and math immensely, so I try to incorporate ways for him to be creative and figure out solutions while incorporating subjects he’s not so fond of like reading and language arts.  Here, I’ve created a few simple worksheets in a span of 5 minutes.  Super simple and you can easily create these to incorporate in your home learning as well.



Make easy puzzle pieces with paper, and scissors to connect sight words.


Here, I’ve made a couple “color by sight word” worksheets.


In this worksheet, the learner “butters” the popcorn with a yellow crayon or marker as the word is called out.


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