A Painted Christmas

With the holiday season in full swing, sometimes it can be overwhelming, and pricey.  The feasts, the hosting, the decor, the shopping, wrapping… on and on it goes.  Take a moment and breathe.  You don’t have to break the bank to create beautiful holiday home decor.  This year, I decided to forego purchasing all new ornaments and decor and stuck to working with whatever I had in my storage bins.  Even if it meant an entirely different color scheme than I had stored.  Thank goodness for paint!  I decided to check the local hardware store to see if they had any small paint containers.  Thank God for clearance at Home Depot!  They had the PERFECT minty bluish-green sample can for a whopping .50!

I used it to paint over some lime green ornaments I purchased on clearance a few years ago and don’t have any future use for, as well as for some pine cones we found while walking home from school.  Talk about a cheap fix!
I wanted to do a somewhat light and airy, neutral tree this year.  I feel like I was able to accomplish my vision using white and metallic ornaments I had in storage with subtle hints of color here and there from the painted ornaments.
We also gathered a few little acorns that had fallen off a nearby tree.  I recycled a jar by scrubbing off the label and filled it up.
Next, I took a can of gold spray paint I had lying around in the garage and decided to spray a couple of the larger pine cones for a more dramatic feel.
I simply placed them in a tray on my coffee table and filled it with faux branches and candles I had.
 I purchased the paper-mache reindeer head at Michael’s with a 50% coupon so it came out to around $6.  The other deer art was a Target clearance find at $7.  The knit fabric trees are from last year (another Target clearance find at $2 / each).  The moccs are from when I was a baby in Alaska, yes I was rocking the trend in the 80’s before it became so popular haha.
 On the mantle I intertwined 2 faux swags.  One, I spritzed with white spray paint I had to give it a faux flocked look.  The other I left green and hot glued various ornaments onto it.
 All in all, I think I spent around $13 for my Christmas decor this year, which is in my opinion not too shabby!  Please share your frugal holiday decor ideas in the comments below.

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